From Trentino (Italy) with love, Emanuele is an editor and director raised on the alps.
The surreal, gothic atmosphere of his work is due to a childhood spent in the timeless forests around his town, where legend says, witches and demons are confined. In kindergarten, he learned the craft of puppet-making and started his first puppet shows using an ironing board as a stage. His interest in creating stories and imaginary worlds soon transitioned into cinema.
He undertook a Certificate of High Specialisation in Editing at the NUCT Academy of Cinecittà (Rome, Italy) with teachers such us Walter Fasano (Editor of 'Suspiria' and 'Call me by your Name') and Consuelo Catucci (Editor of 'Perfect Strangers' and 'Angel of Evil'). 
He then graduated with Distinction from the London Film School with his graduation short film “Croste di Polenta”.
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